Developing a marketing and product strategy for a Pan-African event brand

BAKE Africa


BAKE Africa is set to be the biggest gathering of bakers, cake makers and designers, product suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers of bakery and kitchen equipment across Africa. Starting with an idea, the convener of the proposed BAKE Africa reached out to ThePush. She needed to develop her idea into a proper product, test it, measure its acceptance in the market, adopt the best pricing strategy, and start operations. 

What We Did

Ideation Process
Everything starts with an idea. We embarked on ideation sessions with the client to create effective strategies for the proposed ideas and expand them into creating more room for revenue.

Product Development
Product development refers to all stages involved in bringing a product from concept or idea through market release and beyond. We worked with the client in creating a product plan including product description, packages and variations of products, USP, target audience, service descriptions, partners, and action points.

Marketing Strategy
Implementing a marketing strategy for your business is important because it empowers marketers to gain knowledge of the target market, demand, and competitive differentiation that make investments in product development profitable. We helped to create a marketing strategy and pricing strategy for the products and also offered advice on content strategy.

Partnerships are crucial for better business workflow and increased productivity. We helped to create proposals and roadmaps for profitable partnerships.


Ideation Process
ThePush conducted a study on global brands that have organised similar events. We dissected their processes and picked up points that would work well for BAKE Africa. After that, we held strategy sessions with the client to give professional perspectives to her idea and boost the number of proposed services.strategy. 

Product Development
We created an all-encompassing project plan with action plans through which we were able to create an event which had a large turnout and remarkable testimonials

Marketing Strategy
We proceeded to create a marketing strategy, pricing strategy, product plans, and proposals for the event. The clients started getting strategic partnerships and sign-ups before announcing the date of the event.

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