Dealing with Perfection As A Business Owner

“Perfection is the enemy of progress” – Winston Churchill

Let us let you in on a not so known secret; perfection might do more harm than good to your business. 

Many business owners always strive for perfection, wanting to make sure everything is in place. They keep changing and tweaking things and while that is not bad in itself, it can also slow implementation or stop it altogether. 

Although it won’t be right to serve your customers with half baked services or products, you must be willing to make room for improvements as you might not always get it right. 

The thought of getting every I dotted and T crossed can be so intimidating that perfectionism actually stops some projects from ever getting started in the first place and that’s hardly a recipe for progress!

How can you overcome Perfectionism as a Business Owner?

1. Understand that failure is necessary, especially as a business owner. We don’t learn from being perfect all the time, and we would never improve if we did everything right on the first try.

2. Try it first then improve on it. Simply saying that it has to be done before it can be made better. 

3. Learn how to receive criticism positively. It will be a lot easier to let go of your perfectionism if you don’t take criticism personally. Accept the fact that making mistakes is OK. 

4. Know and trust that you are good enough. Don’t get stuck in the feeling of not being good enough. You can do more and be more but for now, you are good enough. 

On a final note, don’t strive for perfection but growth and progress.

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