Here’s Why You Should Practice Public Speaking

The word is glossophobia, have you heard of it? Glossophobia is a social phobia, the fear of speaking to a number of people at once and it is known to be the greatest fear in the world. 

Many people are afraid of speaking in public not because they don’t know what to say but because they do not want to sound silly, however, unless you know how to speak in front of people, you may not be able to achieve what you want with others. 

As an entrepreneur, you must be able to speak to your clients, and as one who wants to even have a strong personal brand, you may want to take public speaking a little more seriously. 

People connect with people and what better way to connect with your audience or clients than speaking with them. 

Why is public speaking important for an entrepreneur who wants to have a personal brand, you may ask? We will tell you.

1. Boosts your confidence:

Public speaking helps to improve your confidence. It’s not just about communicating with your audience, it also helps when you want to pitch to investors, collaborate with other brands and so much more. 

It is totally understandable if you are nervous about speaking, no one is born confident. It is something we learn and develop on. But there is a sense of relief you feel after getting feedback from your peers, colleagues and even audience. 

2. Improves your research skills:

Another benefit of public speaking is that it improves your research skills. This is because you know you can’t afford to make a mistake or not have your facts correctly, you tend to research extensively and put all your points together before making them public. 

It also helps you have a  deeper understanding of what you want to serve your clients and audience. 

3. Develop your leadership skills:

Leadership is one of the most sought-after skills in all fields of life and yet not everyone has the qualities to become a good leader. One of the most important qualities people look out for in leaders is their ability to talk eloquently in front of other people. 

As a personal brand, you want to build your leadership abilities and public speaking is one of the skills you need. 

4. Invites new relationships:

When you speak up and speak well, people tend to notice you and when they notice you, they will speak back to you. People are more likely to interact with you when they know you know your ‘stuff’. You will also find doors of new opportunities opening up to you and this will help you grow and better position yourself in life.

5. Boosts Your Career:

Employers are looking for effective communication skills in their potential employees no matter the field they choose. This is because having an employee who can speak out has a positive impact on the company. Besides if you are excellent in your speaking abilities, there is a high chance you will ace your job interviews and deliver excellent results.

Public speaking can be scary, especially if you have not had a lot of practice in doing so but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect and what other way is there to practice if not with us?

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