How To Maintain Work-life Balance

Are you struggling to reclaim your time from work? There is no clear-cut time between work hours and personal time? You get to work all day with little productivity and also have no time for anything else?

Having a healthy work-life balance is important. As much as a healthy work-life balance might mean a lot of things for different people, we must fill fulfilled in both parts of our lives. 

A healthy work-life balance might mean 

  • Not worrying about work when you shouldn’t
  • Meeting your deadlines at work and still having time for family, friends, hobbies
  • Having enough time to sleep properly and eat well

An unhealthy work-life balance can lead to

  • Fatigue
  • Unproductivity
  • Less time for family

How can we maintain a balance between work and life? 

1. Learn to prioritize your time:

List out your plans for a week. Also, list out your time wasters. Now, create a schedule for your activities and assign the time of completion to it. 

2. Set boundaries between work and personal time:

It is very easy to slip into work when you are supposed to do some other activities. Be sure to be firm with separating these activities. 

3. Put away your devices:

Technology is supposed to make our lives better but sometimes it can be a huge distraction. Put away your phones or gadgets when you are supposed to be resting or taking a break. 

4. Learn to say “no”:

Many of us feel weird saying no, fearing rejection, anger, or simply the possibility of a different person’s answer. However, it’s essential to be polite with your response.

These tips will help you maintain a good work-life balance through deliberate efforts. On this note, we will leave with this piece of advice; “try dey rest, work no dey finish”.

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