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Tribitat Real Estate


Tribitat is a fast-growing real estate company focused on providing high-quality luxury homes in Lagos, Nigeria. The company offers services ranging from residential and commercial development and management to providing professional advisory services to our clients. Growth comes with its challenges, thus, Tribitat needed a new strategy for its new level, the management reached out to ThePush to develop strategies for repositioning the brand, structures for improving staff performance and systems for improving internal and external communications.



Recreating a Unique Brand Identity

ThePush embarked on a series of brand strategy sessions with the management team to curate a brand identity that is consistent with the organization’s mission and objectives. We recreated certain visual elements of the brand to align with the innovative objectives of the company.

Staff Productivity, Monitoring and Evaluation

We engaged the employee in a series of training sessions handled by professional facilitators on relevant topics aimed at enhancing productivity. We created employee weekly report templates to monitor progress rates and give accurate evaluations.

Communications System

ThePush created a communication system to enhance audience engagement and extend the company’s reach. It consisted of content pillars and strategies to be utilised across the company’s social media platforms. We harnessed various forms of content such as scripted videos, scripted pictures and fliers.

To strengthen the company’s online presence, we designed a fully responsive website optimized for a better user experience.

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