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IGNITE Initiative


Ignite Initiative is a non-governmental organization initiative with the dire purpose of empowering young people with admirable and lofty entrepreneurial ideas. The initiative is aimed at identifying university student entrepreneurs and helping them build viable and sustainable businesses before going into the wider society, thereby helping stem the scourge of youth employment in Nigeria.

One of the organization’s core concepts is entrepreneurship and creating avenues for student entrepreneurs to learn from top successful entrepreneurs. To bring this to full expression, we helped organize a student enterprise fellowship program in 2021. It consisted of a two-weeks training program and progressed to an idea-pitching competition. Winners were awarded funding on different levels for their businesses. For the second edition, Ignite Initiative reached out to ThePush to bring the entrepreneurship concept to reality in a different and unique way.


What We Did

Event Experience

We sought to create a memorable event experience for participants by providing avenues for learning, partnership, and impact-based interactions. Throughout the event, we strived to orchestrate events and create moments that served each individual’s unique needs and expectations.

Event Communications

Every event has three key stages: before, during, and after. Effective communication throughout each step helps to create an immensely impactful experience for participants. To effectively manage pre, during, and post-event communications, we created an event communications strategy while considering our target audience, their preferred channels of communication and the timelines

Speaker Coordination

We wanted every speaker to make an impact on the attendees by educating, empowering and connecting with them. To achieve this, we created a well-thought-out speaker coordination process to ensure our speakers’ needs and requirements. After confirming the guest speakers for the event, we followed up with the formal invitation and communication process to guarantee their presence at the event.

Event Planning

Considering the stakeholders involved, we sought to select a venue located in an enabling and easily accessible environment. We also considered the facilities required to serve participants efficiently. The venue was promptly set up to ensure the event commenced without any technical hitches or delays.

Advisory on Event Program

Considering several factors and the activities lined up for the day, we provided our client with various program schedules to choose from. We wanted to ensure the event activities transitioned smoothly while maintaining the stipulated time frame.


Event Communications
Our client wanted to create an avenue for impacting student entrepreneurs, so we had to reach out to and engage in relatable ways. We started by deciphering effective means, channels, and relevant content to achieve this. After this phase, we went into the required activities, including content creation, designs, and promotions. Other relevant stakeholders were also considered as we sought to have a blend of experienced and young entrepreneurs at the event.

The event kick-started at the set time and the registration process was seamless. We also ensured that the event’s brand identity was duly portrayed in the event set-up and arrangement. There were no delays on the event day as the venue was ready before that day.

Speaker Coordination
We managed all the processes of speaker coordination and communication. Upon confirmation of the speakers, we proceeded to handle the logistics for the approved speakers to have a seamless and successful presentation.

Advisory on Event Program
Different activities were outlined for the day, and we devised a schedule to accommodate them without any impediments. We successfully created an event program that ensured the event went on smoothly.

Event Experience
With over 300 participants, there was ample room for learning sessions, networking, and forming sustainable business partnerships. The event also had high-net-worth individuals in attendance including personnel from the Presidency. Some of the student entrepreneurs were gifted with monetary prizes to grow their businesses. There was an increase in followership and engagement on the Instagram page with positive feedback from the participants across different channels.

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