Third Edition of Learn Business With Nola

Nola Business Incubator


Learn Business with Nola (LBN) is an annual business conference specially organized to tackle the problems of startup entrepreneurs in their first few years in business in Nigeria. The event affords participants the opportunity to learn, network, and access mentorship and funding opportunities and held its maiden edition in 2019.

In 2021, ThePush created an all-encompassing system around the Learn Business With Nola event which resulted in the Nola Business Incubator. Nola Business Incubator is an initiative by Adetola Nola to tackle the menace of unemployment in Nigeria whilst helping upcoming entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses. In the same year, we planned and executed the second edition of Learn business With Nola. On the premise of its success, our client reached out to us to organize the third edition of Learn Business With Nola.



Event Communications

We began with creating a comprehensive event communications strategy for all phases of the event. We utilized traditional and digital media platforms to create awareness and communicate with our audience before, during, and after the event. Some of our activities in achieving this revolved around creating an effective social media strategy and management, creating content that appealed to our target audience, which was presented in unique and attractive designs.


The goal was to give the participants an unforgettable experience, and we carefully selected a venue after going through a wide range of options. After our client’s approval, we moved into the planning and execution phase, ensuring that the facilities were all in place and sorting out the best event set-up to give the kind of ambiance we wanted. We also ensured that the event’s brand identity was duly portrayed in the event set-up and arrangement. There were no delays on the event day as the venue was ready before that day.

Speaker Coordination

After confirming the guest speakers for the event, we followed up with the formal invitation and communication process to guarantee their presence at the event.

Advisory on Event Program

Considering several factors and the activities lined up for the day, we provided our client with various program schedules to choose from. We wanted to ensure that the event activities transitioned smoothly while maintaining the stipulated time frame.


The Nola Business Incubator page following increased by over 100%, and we pulled in about 3000 registered applicants in two weeks. The event had a record-breaking number of 400 participants, four times the number of the previous year.

We received a large number of positive feedback from attendees via emails and on our social media platforms. Participants were treated to breakfast and lunch buffets. High net worth individuals were in attendance, including the guest speakers who were on the panel session.

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