Leverage Your Personal Brand To Get More Customers

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Branding is a way of giving an identity to yourself and your business. It embodies not just what your business looks and feels like but also what the values of the business are. 

Now the question is should your personal brand be different or not associated with your business? The simple answer is no. The not-so-simple answer will be explained.

You are a brand and in some cases, you are a business. The problem most professionals and entrepreneurs have is thinking there must be a difference between both but it doesn’t have to be so. People connect with people, not logos or designs but with actual people. Think of some businesses you can relate to or the ones you love to buy from, do you have the picture yet? Great!

Can you see the reason you love them is that you can put a face to their businesses and brands? That’s what having a personal brand for your business does. Your personal brand is who you are and what you represent as a person. This means that your opinions, perception, and advice are crucial to how your brand operates.

When you are an entrepreneur or a business professional building your personal brand is a part of marketing and business development. Your personal brand is the image you present to the world and communicating a strong brand will get your audience/clients to recognise you and also want to associate with you. 

These methods will help you leverage your brand: 

1. Use social media:

Social media = instant branding. Whenever you want to search for a particular brand or business, social media is the first place you go. Therefore, best believe that your audience/clients are doing the same.

Do your social media profiles reflect what you do? Are they professional? Is your brand consistent across all social media channels? Once you’ve established a social media presence, you’ll need to continually maintain the presence. 

2. Public Speaking:

Speaking with your audience is a great way to build authority and trust in their minds and doing it well even fosters long-term relationships. Asides from it positioning your brand, it is also good for your communication skills. 

3. Create great content:

How do you even engage these people? With your content. What do they want to know? What do you want to talk about? You must ensure your research your content and produce good ones.

Creating a personal brand is a process, so do not worry about getting it right immediately. It is a continuous thing, however, remember your brand reflects you and your business, and ensure to put your best foot forward!

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