#LiveByDeisgn - Telling the Impact Stories of an Interior Design Firm

Five28 Interiors


Five28 Interiors is a premium interior consultancy company creating bespoke living and workspaces experiences. Existing since 2016, Five28 Interiors has executed several projects, impressing clients with its expertise.

For the company’s communications platforms, the remarkable before and after pictures show a great deal of difference. However, as it is with different stages of growth, the brand needed to metamorphose to sell the experience rather than just the “before and after” pictures.



We created an exceptional brand on two levels. First, a brand that connects emotionally with its customers using storytelling. Second, a brand that showcases a fun workplace. To achieve this, we created pillars for the company’s #LivebyDesign theme in one of our brand strategy sessions.

We did not stop there, we created a comprehensive brand strategy document, communications strategy, mapped out the company’s stakeholders and a documentary strategy for the company’s fifth year anniversary. After the approval of the documentary script, we moved into the production proper. It was great bringing the idea and experiences with Five28Interiors to life with our production team.

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