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Nola Business Incubator


Nola Business Incubator is an initiative by Adetola Nola, an award-winning entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder of various companies. The initiative was created to tackle the menace of unemployment in Nigeria whilst helping upcoming entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses. 

Although he held the first edition of Learn Business with Nola in 2019, the initiative was meant to be more than just an event. Reaching out to ThePush to explain the challenges he encountered, we fashioned a system to accommodate his event (Learn Business with Nola), mentoring program, and investment for small businesses – we called it the Nola Business Incubator.

What We Did

Brand Strategy and Design
We engaged our client in strategy sessions to fully unravel his vision and purpose for the initiative. This helped us effectively strategize and create a unique brand identity for the initiative

Visual and Web Design
We developed corporate identity elements from the logo to the website to portray the brand identity of the initiative.

Event Planning and Management
After establishing the brand identity, we began planning for the event arm of the initiative themed – Learn Business With Nola. We then moved into the execution phase, ensuring that the facilities were all in place to create an unforgettable experience for the participants. We also managed the post-event communication, mentorship and investment processes of the initiative.


Brand Strategy and Design
Our work covered strategy development, branding, communications, event management, and overall execution of all things as regards Nola Business Incubator. After a couple of strategy sessions, we coined the name Nola Business Incubator and also expounded on the event arm of the initiative – Learn Business With Nola. We developed core areas and processes for engaging with proposed beneficiaries of the initiative and achieving the goals of our client.

Visual and Web Design
We designed and developed a high-quality and user-friendly personal website to establish the online presence of our client and the initiative. The website was well-designed and functional to accommodate the needs of the target audience

Event Planning and Management
We created a communications and event strategy for the brand. We also managed the overall event (Learn Business with Nola) process. We were able to gain the attention of high net-worth individuals such as Nobel laureate Professor Wole Soyinka who noticed the brand and showed an interest in attending the event. Renowned organizations reached out to our client for sponsorship.

Event Communications
The event had a fantastic turnout. We achieved excellent communication on all platforms -including emails and social media. The Nola Business Incubator Instagram page followership grew by 300% in two weeks. Media features on tier 1 newspaper publications in Nigeria.

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