Seven Commandments Of A Marketing Strategy For Your Business

A marketing strategy is an overall plan for reaching your audience your target audience – this includes those who have never heard of your brand to those who have purchased from you before.

It helps you set a realistic, clear and measurable marketing objective for your business.

The key to creating an effective strategy lies in fulfilling your business wants and how you can appropriately market your products and services to your customers. 

Finally, your marketing strategy efforts affect the way you run your business, so it has to be planned to achieve the goals and objectives that you set.

Here are seven commandments of a marketing strategy for your business:

1. Thou shall build a marketing plan. Your marketing plan is the specific actions you will take to achieve the overall marketing strategy for your business.

2.  Thou shall have a customer/buyer persona. These include the psychographics and demographics – age, location, job title, etc of your potential customers. So having a buyer persona should be at the core of your strategy. 

3. Thou shall identify your business goals. Your business goals might be to increase brand awareness or increase high-quality leads, whatever it is, your marketing goals should reflect them.

4. Thou shall know your value proposition. Something must separate you from your competitor and that is your value proposition. It is the uniqueness that makes your business stand out. 

5. Thou shall promote yourself on social media. Social media platforms are free and fun platforms you can use to promote your business and enhance your marketing strategy.

6. Thou shall have a content strategy. Creating relevant and interesting content for your audience can help you generate new leads by gaining their interest and building trust.

7. Thou shall be strategic with a definite purpose: Implementing a plan at the beginning of the marketing journey is the best way to start. This strategy is a purposeful guide/plan for your business and it will help you communicate easily to your customers.

At this point, your market research and planning should help you visualise how your strategy will be executed and the final step is to bring that all together and assign actions to your plans.


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