Helping a real estate company redefine its communication process

Veritasi Homes


Veritasi Homes Limited is a premium real estate company specialising in providing advisory and developmental real estate services in Nigeria. Driven by innovation, Veritasi is particular about delivering more value to its client base in the Lagos upscale home market.

Before its emergence in the luxury market, the company’s vision was to provide affordable homes to the average Nigerian. With over 500 clients in its portfolio, Veritasi needed to improve its overall communications strategy and media production quality. was sought to help strengthen and restructure its entire communication process.



ThePush’s work spanned strategy development, implementation and monitoring. We worked with the employees to create a robust media and content strategy for the company. As a part of the project, we held several strategy sessions and monitored the team in creating their own strategy sessions. We also trained the Employees on relevant courses.

We also improved teamwork perception, prescribed the best production equipment, and monitored the team’s work process. At the end of our consultancy work, the ideation process had remarkably improved, all the team members were engaged, and their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were clear.

Their social media content improved, their video and picture output also changed remarkably. Their email marketing tactics became effective, content uploads on YouTube channel improved, and the company hit its first 1000 subscribers.

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